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How To: Setting up inventory labels in Clover POS?

Many of our customers have asked us for help in creating inventory labels. First, let’s talk about what inventory labels are and what they are not. The best way to look at labels is as tags. An item may have multiple tags, for example, a muffin might have a tag for breakfast, another for bakery […]

4 Reasons It’s Important to Make Your Loyalty Program Seamless

Your loyalty system is a critical part of building a strong base of returning customers who are loyal to your business. If you’re going to use a loyalty system, however, you want it to be as seamless as possible. The more effort your loyalty program takes, the less it will appeal to both your workers […]

CVS ExtraCare Card: Rewards & Loyalty Programs That Work

The CVS ExtraCare Card is one the best examples of a rewards & loyalty program that really works. They capitalize on human psychology in a way that is self-perpetuating. Why are they so great? Here are 3 reasons and the psychological factors behind them. 1) The ExtraCare Savings & Rewards program capitalizes on the place of habit […]

Choosing a Loyalty Program That Works

Loyalty programs are business-friendly customer rewards that create incentives for all types of customers, while generating both income and advertising opportunities. Using a loyalty program, like Punch Card Rewards for CloverPOS, can exponentially improve your relationship to your customers by giving them a reason to shop with you. Introducing an effective system might even inspire word-of-mouth […]

Starbucks Rewards: Rewards & Loyalty Programs That Work

Statistics show that 87% of consumers in the U.S. want loyalty programs from  businesses. The Starbucks Rewards program is a rewards & loyalty program that works. The Starbucks Rewards program had over 7 million active users in 2014. One in three U.S. Starbucks transactions is paid for with a Starbucks Card. Starbucks cards can be registered and […]

3 Ways Loyalty Programs Help When Building Your Brand

When you’re starting up your business or trying to grow it, one of the things you’re told over and over is to keep your ‘brand’ in mind. You’re told that everything ties back to your brand, because it’s the central component of your business. Why should your loyalty program be any different? It should reflect […]

The Quick and Simple Guide to Increasing Profits Using a Rewards Program

Repeat customers are the key to increasing your profits as a small business. But even with the most responsive service and top-quality results, it’s difficult to keep customers coming back for more. If you’re searching for ways to increase your rate of business, and thereby your profits, a rewards program is just the solution for you. […]

Loyalty programs that work: Wyndham Rewards

For companies interested in starting their own loyalty and rewards program, understanding how successful such a program could be is a good starting point. In order to gain more insight, companies may wish to look into a specific company that has a rewards & loyalty program that works. The Wyndham Rewards program offered by Wyndham Hotel […]