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Why a Loyalty Program Is Essential for Small Businesses

It’s vital that small businesses find ways to continually build their customer base in a fiercely competitive marketplace. It’s also important to show customers that they’re valued. One of the best ways to retain current customers – and attract new ones – is through a strong customer loyalty program, from Loyal Loops, which encourages return business. […]

3 Reasons Grocers Profit From a Loyalty Program

A loyalty program, by Loyal Loops, can be an effective component of your grocery store’s marketing plan. Successful marketing plans are designed to bring in new customers and keep old ones coming back. Loyalty programs have three advantages to making this happen. They can establish an excellent reputation as a brand which offers high value for its […]

Why You Need a Loyalty Program

A steadily increasing customer base is something all businesses want, and one way to get more people to notice your business is to begin a customer loyalty program that rewards them for doing business with you. The benefits to offering these programs are many. People like being rewarded, and they like the idea of getting […]