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Choosing a Loyalty Program That Works

Loyalty programs are business-friendly customer rewards that create incentives for all types of customers, while generating both income and advertising opportunities. Using a loyalty program, like Punch Card Rewards for CloverPOS, can exponentially improve your relationship to your customers by giving them a reason to shop with you. Introducing an effective system might even inspire word-of-mouth advertisement, simply because the customer was excited to receive their reward. Picking the right rewards program can turn a new or irregular customer into a loyal customer, who will generate more revenue over a longer period of time.

Loyalty programs should be streamlined, painless, and easy. Complicated sign-up sheets and time-consuming registrations deter customers who become uninterested in sharing more time than they should with you; they would rather pay for their items (which they most likely already need) and move on than save 10% on their next order by spending 20 minutes at the checkout signing up. Thrifty shoppers excluded, these tactics fall short with the average consumer.

Knowing which rewards your customer base would rather receive is incredibly important to maintaining an effective loyalty program. Some may prefer to register sequences of purchases totaling a certain amount, while others would rather get a percentage off of their next acquisition. For example, after a consumer reaches a particular spending threshold, they will receive coupons for similar or same item purchases that are valid on their next visit. Not only are they invited to return, they have an incentive to do so, based on their previous engagements with you.

With LoyalLoops loyalty program services, you can study your customers’ spending habits and maximize return buyers through researching your demographic. Our thorough programming makes it easy to capitalize and optimize your business for maximum buyer loyalty.