3 Ways Loyalty Programs Help When Building Your Brand

When you’re starting up your business or trying to grow it, one of the things you’re told over and over is to keep your ‘brand’ in mind. You’re told that everything ties back to your brand, because it’s the central component of your business.

Why should your loyalty program be any different? It should reflect who and what you are as a company and give your customers a better connection to what makes you the best choice for them, whatever your industry might be.  Here are three ways a loyalty program can help during the process of building your brand.

Boost Your Reputation

Your reputation is your most important asset. Loyalty programs are a boon to both new and loyal customers. The new customer is given an incentive to stick around even after purchasing, just to see what else you might have in store for them. Meanwhile, the loyal customer is made to feel that they are important and valued. When this is the case, you also increase the likelihood that customers will tell friends and family (or social media) about your brand, and that will in turn bring in more new customers. Even now, word of mouth is a brand’s best friend.

It Has Been Proven to Boost Growth

In the age of social media, getting people to talk about your brand is the way to boost growth. People who are happy and feel valued will want to talk about and share their experiences. Once you have your reputation solidified and you have people talking about your brand, that talk will continue spreading out in ripples. Those ripples are bringing more and more people in.

You Can Provide In-Store Or Digital Rewards (Or Both)

Whether your customers shop primarily online or in person, you can tailor your rewards to them. Offer discounts in store if that’s where the majority of purchases are made, or if you have more people purchasing online for a time, offer better rewards there. The choice is up to you, and it benefits all parties.

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5 Reasons Why Customer Feedback Is Important to Your Business’ Success



Customer feedback is the hidden key to a thriving business. In addition to highlighting opportunities for improvement, customer feedback will help you identify your company’s greatest strengths. Failure to seek customer feedback can cause your business to stagnate or decline and can even drive business into the arms of your competition. Below are the top five reasons why customer feedback is important to the success of your business.

1) Customer feedback helps you understand what makes your customers tick. Successful business owners make a point to really get to know their customers and understand their individual needs and desires.

2) Requesting feedback from your customers shows them that you value their input. When you ask customers for their feedback, it shows them that their thoughts and opinions are important.

3) Customer feedback helps you make your business the best it can be. Maximizing customer satisfaction and obtaining repeat business are two primary goals for nearly every business. Customer feedback provides valuable suggestions to help raise customer satisfaction andincrease repeat business.

4) Obtaining customer feedback provides an objective review of your business. Sometimes it is difficult for business owners to stand back and review their business practices and products with an objective eye. Customer feedback provides an excellent means of obtaining unbiased reviews of a business.

5) Customer feedback helps you plan for the future. Customer feedback is useful to business owners as they plan their inventory, update their menus and plan for the year ahead.

Clearly, customer feedback plays a critical role in the success of a business. By providing business owners with valuable insight about their customers and by offering valuable suggestions for the future, customer feedback is one of the best tools a business owner can use to grow and improve.