3 Ways Loyalty Programs Help When Building Your Brand

When you’re starting up your business or trying to grow it, one of the things you’re told over and over is to keep your ‘brand’ in mind. You’re told that everything ties back to your brand, because it’s the central component of your business.

Why should your loyalty program be any different? It should reflect who and what you are as a company and give your customers a better connection to what makes you the best choice for them, whatever your industry might be.  Here are three ways a loyalty program can help during the process of building your brand.

Boost Your Reputation

Your reputation is your most important asset. Loyalty programs are a boon to both new and loyal customers. The new customer is given an incentive to stick around even after purchasing, just to see what else you might have in store for them. Meanwhile, the loyal customer is made to feel that they are important and valued. When this is the case, you also increase the likelihood that customers will tell friends and family (or social media) about your brand, and that will in turn bring in more new customers. Even now, word of mouth is a brand’s best friend.

It Has Been Proven to Boost Growth

In the age of social media, getting people to talk about your brand is the way to boost growth. People who are happy and feel valued will want to talk about and share their experiences. Once you have your reputation solidified and you have people talking about your brand, that talk will continue spreading out in ripples. Those ripples are bringing more and more people in.

You Can Provide In-Store Or Digital Rewards (Or Both)

Whether your customers shop primarily online or in person, you can tailor your rewards to them. Offer discounts in store if that’s where the majority of purchases are made, or if you have more people purchasing online for a time, offer better rewards there. The choice is up to you, and it benefits all parties.

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Loyalty programs that work: Wyndham Rewards

For companies interested in starting their own loyalty and rewards program, understanding how successful such a program could be is a good starting point. In order to gain more insight, companies may wish to look into a specific company that has a rewards & loyalty program that works.

The Wyndham Rewards program offered by Wyndham Hotel Group recently snagged the top spot in hotel rewards programs. The program allows hotel and resort visitors to earn points in hopes of gaining rewards, such as a free night’s stay. In order to take advantage of this Wyndham Reward, customers must earn 15,000 points, which they accumulate through qualifying hotel stays.

In addition to earning the redeemed-for reward itself, Wyndham also offers perks for simply redeeming the points. These perks may be for admission to local attractions for the area in which the points were redeemed, such as cooking classes or tickets to a museum. Individuals may also purchase points if they are just shy of their goals.

Goals are important when building a successful rewards program as customers often enjoy having a end-result to work toward. Additionally, the closer customers get to their desired goal, the more quickly they may attempt to earn the necessary points.

Most people love feeling as if they are getting more for their money, and rewards and loyalty programs are a great way to help individuals generate that feeling while the business itself generates new and returning customers. Contact Loyal Loops to learn how your business can increase profits and customer satisfaction.