Why a Loyalty Program Is Essential for Small Businesses

It’s vital that small businesses find ways to continually build their customer base in a fiercely competitive marketplace. It’s also important to show customers that they’re valued.

One of the best ways to retain current customers – and attract new ones – is through a strong customer loyalty program, from Loyal Loops, which encourages return business. Your business will increase revenue and provide a better customer experience by treating the business-customer relationship as a journey, rather than a one-time transaction.

Here are some reasons for and the benefits of having a Loyal Loops loyalty program:

Increased Sales
Loyal Loops loyalty programs can provide existing customers with added incentive to make a purchase. The incentive to purchase even more can increase as the rewards increase with each purchase. But it’s important to make sure that the rewards offered are in line with customer’s wants and needs. It’s also important to remember that not all loyalty programs are the same.

Built-In Marketing
Building customer loyalty can create word-of-mouth marketing by frequent customers that is more effective than traditional marketing. It can even save money on advertising and marketing efforts.

Provides Market Research
You can create a better customer experience and give yourself a competitive edge over your rivals by finding out what incentives are most attractive to your customers.

Separates Your Business From Competitors
Loyal customers can help strengthen a company’s brand, as well as make it immune from competition and changes in the economy. Customers stick with a brand they trust.

Builds a Reputation
You can increase the chances of customers recommending your business to others by building a strong loyalty program. Customers want to feel valued, and not just during the sale but after. You’re telling your current and future customers that you’re interested in building a long-term relationship – and not just making money on one-time purchases – with a loyalty program.

It Doesn’t Cost a Lot
With Loyal Loops, a business can now harness enterprise level solutions for as low as $99 per month.

You’re Not Alone
Unlike our competitors, each client is assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who helps create and implement the loyalty and rewards programs you want. Once the programs are implemented weekly discussions by your CSM help you to fine tune them even more to get a maximum return for your business.

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