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Why is it Important to Have Your Rewards Program be Painless to The Customer

Customer reward programs are a great way to encourage, and maintain, loyalty. They show you appreciate your customers, and they can offer an additional enticement for continued business. After all, it’s one thing to get a product or service you want at a good price, but getting the 5th one free is a cherry on top of an already great sundae.

The key to a great customer reward program, though, is that redeeming the rewards is simple. Because earning enough points is one thing, but if you have to spend half an hour on the phone talking to four different customer service reps, then it’s going to seem far less appealing. In fact, the more effort someone has to put into redeeming their rewards, the more it can actively hurt their view of your business.

Make it Quick and Painless

Why is it important to have your rewards program be painless to the customer? Because the less pain the customer feels, the better-inclined they’ll feel toward you.

Even if your business is a gym, where people come specifically to sweat and struggle their way towards their goals, you don’t want them to feel frustrated with you. You are there to provide your customers with support, and with the service they pay for. If you make them feel valued, then they’ll continue to use your service. If you don’t make them feel valued, a feeling that comes from cutting through red tape and jumping through hoops to get the rewards you’ve already earned, then they may go somewhere they feel treats them better.